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Bonus, collective agreement - or both?

The project will investigate the prevalence of bonuses in selected industries within the private sector, with a particular focus on linking the use of bonuses to whether the company is a party to a collective agreement.

Based on selected industries, the project will provide a description of the significance of bonus payments in wage formation by examining whether these are paid on a monthly basis or less frequently, the percentage of the salary attributed to bonuses and whether this applies solely to managers, specific individuals, or all employees within a company. Such analysis will shed light on the types of bonus schemes in use.

Furthermore, we will investigate whether bonuses as a concept and various types of bonus schemes differ between companies with and without collective agreements but with otherwise similar observable characteristics (such as industry affiliation, company size, and whether the company was recently established). This is important because any differences in bonus usage between theese companies may indicate that companies with collective bargaining agreements differ from other companies across multiple dimensions.


Project period

  • Start:
    June 2023
  • End:
    July 2024

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