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Olav Elgvin

Researcher (on leave)

    Area of work

    M.phil. i Peace and Conflict  Studies, Universitetet i Oslo

    Current projects

    Fafo publications

    Completed projects

    Knowledge building: Measures fighting negative social control and forced marriages

    This is a research project in two parts: 1) an evaluation following a measure where young people exposed to negative social control, honour based violence and/or forced marriage - have access to mentors who are volunteers. 2) an examination of civil society projects supposed to promote negative social control and forced marriages. We are going to explore how organizations evaluate their measures and how users evaluate them. An important question is whether measures fit the ambitions of authorities, civil society and volunteers.

    Working conditions for employees with LBGT identity in the Church of Norway
    The aim of this study is to discuss whether employees with LGBT background in the Church of Norway are exposed to special challenges in the performance of their professions.
    Muslim Politics and Governance of Islam: Interactions of Structure and Culture in Multi-religious Europe

    This project addresses how Muslim political thought in Europe is affected by societal structures, and, conversely, how the development of societal structures in Europe is affected by Muslim politics and activism.