Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa

Extensive fieldwork is a core component of our research in the Sahel and in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our researchers combine qualitative and quantitative methods to produce high-quality research of direct policy relevance to both Norwegian and international stakeholders.

 Fafo's current research in Africa focuses on:

  • mobility and displacement
  • war and peacekeeping economies
  • local and global developments in education
  • health and child labour
  • social movements and inequality
  • politics of faith and secularism in the Sahel

Fafo receives funding for our Africa projects from a range of institutions, including the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the World Bank, the US Institute of Peace, and the Norwegian Development Agency (NORAD).

Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa


Research Professor
Jing Liu, Ingunn Bjørkhaug, Hedda Flatø and Anne Kielland
Children with disabilities during Covid-19. Tabulation report
Survey Data from rural Niger in 2019 and 2022
Fafopaper 2022:11
Anne Kielland, Anne Hatløy, Tone Sommerfelt, Tewodros Aragie Kebede and Kathleen M. Jennings
Hidden in the numbers: Barriers to girls’ education in West Africa
A scoping study concerning knowledge about trends and sub-variations
Fafo-report 2017:39
Tone Sommerfelt, Anne Hatløy et Kristin Jesnes
Rapport Fafo 2015:20
Tone Sommerfelt, Anne Hatløy and Kristin Jesnes
Fafo-report 2015:19
Rapport Fafo 2015:14
Massa Coulibaly and Anne Hatløy
Fafo-report 2015:13
Rapport Fafo 2015:06
Anne Hatløy, Massa Coulibaly and Jing Liu
Fafo-report 2015:04
Ingunn Bjørkhaug and Morten Bøås
Fafo-report 2014:39
Anne Hatløy, Tewodros Kebede, Huafeng Zhang, Ingunn Bjørkhaug
Perceptions of Good Jobs. Analytical Report. Port Loko and Freetown, Sierra Leone
Background paper for the World Development Report 2013
Fafo-report 2012:18
Anne Hatløy, Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Patrick Joel Adeba and Core Elvis
Marina Manuela de Paoli, Arne Backer Grønningsæter, Elizabeth Mills
Fafo-report 2010:28
Amsale K. Temesgen
Climate Change to Conflict?
Lessons from Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya
Fafo-report 2010:09
Henriette Lunde
Night commuting in Gulu, Northern Uganda
From Spontaneous Strategy to New Social Institution
Fafo-report 549
May-Len Skilbrei, Marianne Tveit og Anette Brunovskis
Afrikanske drømmer på europeiske gater
Nigerianske kvinner i prostitusjon i Norge
Fafo-rapport 525
Morten Bøås and Anne Hatløy
After the ‘Storm’
Economic activities among returning youths. The case of Voinjama. Research Program on Trafficking and Child Labour
Fafo-report 523
Morten Bøås and Anne Huser
Child labour and cocoa production in West Africa
The case of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Research Program on Trafficking and Child Labour
Fafo-report 522
Morten Bøås and Anne Hatløy
Living in a material world
Children and youth in alluvial diamond mining in Kono District, Sierra Leone. Research Program on Trafficking and Child Labour
Fafo-report 515
Anne Hatløy og Anne Huser
Identification of street children
Characteristics of street children in Bamako and Accra
Fafo-report 474
Kari Hauge Riisøen, Anne Hatløy, Lise Bjerkan
Travel to Uncertainty
A study of child relocation in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali
Fafo-report 440
Pete Lewis with Anne-Grete Larsen and Arne Groenningsaeter and Moses Galeboe and Spambaniso Taneka
Crossing borders to fight HIV/AIDS
The Role Of South African Multinationals In The Private Sector Response In Botswana
Fafo-report 431
Line Eldring
Fafo-paper 2003:16
Sabata Nakanyane
Co-operative Housing in Johannesburg
A Survey among the Residents
Fafo-paper 2002:04
Liv Tørres (ed.), David Drury, Line Eldring, Pete Lewis and Jocelyn Vass
Fafo-report 360
Marie W. Arneberg and Jon Pedersen
Fafo-report 355
Liv Tørres (ed.)
The Smoking Business
Tobacco tenants in Malawi
Fafo-report 339
Liv Tørres (ed.)
"We are emerging; emerging slowly and painfully!"
Infrastructure Delivery in South Africa
Fafo-report 336
Liv Tørres
Amandla. Ngawethu?
The Trade Union Movement in South Africa and Political Change. Doctoral Dissertation
Fafo-report 328
Line Eldring, Sabata Nakanyane and Malehoko Tshoaedi
Child Labour in the Tobacco Growing Sector in Africa
Report prepared for the IUF/ITGA/BAT Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour, Nairobi 8-9th October 2000
Fafo-paper 2000:21
Anne Hatløy
Methodological aspects of assessing nutrition security
Examples from Mali. Doctoral dissertation
Fafo-report 323
Bjørne Grimsrud and Liv Jorunn Stokke
Fafo-report 233
Liv Tørres
South African Workers Speak
Common Security Forum Studies
Fafo-report 182
Inger-Lise Eilertsen og Carl-Erik Schulz
Økonomiske sanksjoner mot Sør-Afrika
Virkninger av ensidig norsk boikott
Fafo-rapport 061

Camilla Houeland

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Building a new master’s and PhD programme in nutritional epidemiology in Kinshasa
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Camilla Houeland

Between the street and Aso Rock: the role of Nigerian trade unions in popular protests
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En global utfordring
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Victor Adetula

The crisis around Lake Chad
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Det som skjer i Afrika nå har stor symbolverdi
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Tone Sommerfelt

Yahya Jammeh's tribalism
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