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The future of work: Opportunities and challenges for the Nordic models

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About the project

Major changes in technology, economic contexts, workforces, and the institutions of work have come in ebb and flow since well before the first industrial revolution in the 18th century. Yet, many argue that the changes we are currently facing are different, and that the rise of digitalized production will entirely transform our ways and views of work.

In this collaborative project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, researchers from the five Nordic countries will study how the ongoing transformations of production and labour markets associated with, amongst other, digitalization, demographic change, and new forms of employment will influence the future of work in the Nordic countries.

Through action and policy oriented studies and dialogue with stakeholders, the objective is to enhance research-based knowledge dissemination, experience exchange, and mutual learning across the Nordic boundaries.

Intermediary results from the project will feed into Nordic debates on how to contribute to the Future of Work Agenda that is to be adopted at the ILO’s centenary anniversary in 2019.

The project is conducted by a team of more than 30 Nordic scholars from universities and research institutes in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The project started late 2017 and will be completed by a synthesis report in 2020.

Project leaders: Jon Erik DølvikKristin AlsosKristin Jesnes, Fafo

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Norden.org omtaler rapporten «Platform work in the Nordic models: Issues, cases and responses» og tematikken som er tema for et eget Fafo-seminar 23. juni, 3. juni 2020

Prosjektdeltaker Sigurd M. Nordli Oppegaard er medforfatter i en kronikk om «Den doble krisa for gig-arbeidere» i Manifest tidsskrift, 15. mai 2020

Kristin Alsos holdt innlegg under regjeringens seminarserie «Fremtidens arbeidsliv», 23. oktober 2019

Kristin Jesnes intervjuet på podcast til NRK Radio Krig og fred, 17. oktober 2019

Kristin Jesnes intervjuet i Transportarbetaren.se, 3. oktober 2019

Forskere får 6 millioner til kortlægning af digitalt platformsarbejde, Faos 3. oktober 2019

Kristin Jesnes intervjuet i NRK Nyheter, 27. september 2019

Kristin Jesnes intervjuet i NRK nyhetsettermiddag, 27. september 2019

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Fafo-paper 2019:06
Marianne Jenum Hotvedt and Natalie Videbæk Munkholm
Introduction paper

Tomas Berglund, Jon Erik Dølvik, Stine Rasmussen and Johan Røed Steen
Nordic future of work project 2017–2020: Working paper 2, 2nd etition


Kristin Jesnes & Sigurd M. Nordli Oppegaard (eds.)

Web edition

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Jan Olav Christensen, Live Bakke Finne, Anne Helene Garde, Morten Birkeland Nielsen, Kathrine Sørensen & Jolien Vleeshouwers

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Marianne Jenum Hotvedt, Natalie Videbæk Munkholm, Dagný Aradóttir Pind, Annamaria Westregård, Marjo Ylhäinen and Kristin Alsos
Facing the challenges of changing labour relations

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Fremtidens arbeidsliv – muligheter og utfordringer for de nordiske modellene

tirsdag, 27 november 2018