Pillar VII

FoWnordics: Pillar VII - Final synthetizing report: The Nordic model of labour market governance

The purpose and issues to be addressed in pillar VI is to synthetize the main findings of the project with emphasis on possible societal strategies to influence, accommodate, and counter detrimental effects of the envisaged future change in work, work environments, employment relations, and labour markets.

With emphasis on changes in the roles of organized actors and the relationship between statutory and negotiated regulation, the overarching aim in this pillar is to discuss the future of the Nordic model itself, with special focus on needs, avenues, and possible means to remedy emerging gaps and revitalizing its ability to reconcile growth, efficiency, and equity in working life.

See also Fafo's research area: The Nordic model

Pillar coordinators

Jon Erik Dølvik, Senior Researcher, Fafo

Kristin Alsos, Research Director, Fafo


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