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Parental guidance with ICDP


Silje Sønsterudbråten and Mathilde Bjørnseth have evaluated a pilot parental guidance programme aimed at parents who had concerns about their adolescent children. The evaluation underpins the need to develop parental support of adolescents, and the experience from this pilot shows that ICDP may be a fruitful point of departure for such an initiative.

Praksisperioder i yrkesutdanningen


Torgeir Nyen and Anna Hagen Tønder have written about practical training periods in school based vocational education in Norway following the introduction of the Knowledge Promotion Reform in 2006. Their contribution is part of the anthology Integration of Vocational Education and Training Experiences, published by Springer.

Collective bargaining in Northern Europe under strain


In this paper Jon Erik Dølvik (picture) and Paul Marginson look at multiple drivers of change in collective bargaining and wage floor regulation in Germany, four Nordic countries and the UK. Addressing the impact of increased competition among northern countries and mobility of production factors between eastern and northern European countries,the emphasis is on changes in wage coordination, articulation between bargaining levels, and ways of regulating wage floors.

The Kurds


The Kurds Nerina Weiss has written two chapters in the anthology The Kurds. An Encyclopedia of Life, Culture, and Society (ed. S. Maisel), published by ABC-CLIO.  Nerina’s contributions are «Social Organization and Family Life», and «Gender Roles».

Post-qualifying and continuing education in public sector


Åsmund Arup Seip will on behalf of Skills Norway map schemes and regulations that encourage post-qualifying and continuing education and training programs, by examining a selection of collective agreements.

Flexible working hours


This report examines the use of flexible working hour schemes in Norwegian working life. The study is limited to flexitime, whereby the employer within certain limits can decide on the core working hours, and the opportunity to work from home or from another self-chosen location (home office). The project was commissioned by The Minstry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Norwegian Nurses Organisation's services


This paper maps the needs of union representatives and members of NSF and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of today's services from the organisation.

Adult education courses


In this project Niri Talberg will examine courses supported by The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning. What are the benefits for the participants?

The Norwegian unemployment - disability paradox


Tove Midtsundstad has written a chapter in the book  "Employment Biographies and Social Protection in Europe", Springer-Verlag. Her question is what may have caused the special mix of low unemployment rates and high disability rates among older workers in Norway. 



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