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Anne Inga Hilsen

Research professor


PhD, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Cand. sociol.,  University of Oslo

Associate Professor of Health Promotion, at University of South-Eastern Norway

Area of work

Current projects

SUNREM – sustainable remote nordic labour markets
SUNREM explores opportunities and challenges for sustainable labour market participation in remote areas of the Nordic Region in context of global megatrends.
Mechanisms in social dialogue: co-determination and leadership at the local level
A strong and active cooperation between managers and employee representatives at enterprise level is an important characteristic of the Norwegian working life model. The model can be roughly divided into two types of functions for multipartite cooperation: distribution of earnings and cooperation for the development of the enterprise. It can also be divided into two levels: macro level (national level and micro (enterprise level). The levels and tasks are interrelated, but this project is mostly concerned with collaboration at the enterprise level.
Age-management CSP

Fafo will assist Centre for Senior Policy (CSP) in the development and implementation of a management program on senior policy. The goal is to increase the real retirement age

Evaluation of FREMtid for competence 2021 - 2023
The food industry is a growing industry where digitalisation is developing rapidly. New technology and new equipment place ever-increasing demands on the competence of employees. 

Fafo publications

Other publications

Completed projects

Competence measures and long-term sick leave
On behalf of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV,) Fafo will carry out a preliminary project to investigate if competence measures targeting persons with long-term sick leave can enhance job mobility. The purpose of the project is to develop a status of knowledge and a mapping tool, as well as to collect information about the potential target group. Five test counties will participate.
The contribution of skilled workers and apprentices in innovation processes
Within research on innovation, there has been little research on the contribution of skilled workers and apprentices in innovation processes.
Elderly's participation in work and working life

The Research Council of Norway participates together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Joint Program Initiatives (JPI) within the area "More Years, Better Lives".

A study of employability and learning trajectories of Late Career Learners

In this project, we intend to deepen our understanding of the relationships between lifelong learning and the employability of older adults.

Challenges and possibilities for mobility for the 50+ population

The aim of the project is to explore existing mobility patterns (shift of jobs/careers) among older workers (50+) and analyse preconditions for successful transitions (mobility).

Senior competence

Active ageing is about recognizing and valuing senior resources in working life. If age and experience makes older workers valuable in working life, we need to understand in which ways this “senior competence” is valuable.