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Roy A. Nielsen



    Cand. polit., Sociology, University of Oslo

    Area of work

    Current projects

    CaReScreen: A clinical decision support system for cancer rehabilitation

    The innovation idea of CaReScreen is to create a future ecosystem for cancer rehabilitation consisting of a clinical decision support system, new rehabilitation services and service models.

    Work and Health in Old Age

    All over Europe, there is increased focus on longer working lives due to increased life expectancy and decreased birth rates, which put strains on welfare funding across nations. Although the overall population on average is healthier, better educated and has longer careers than before, there is limited knowledge on the health consequences of prolonged working careers.

    Competence boost 2025 for the health sector

    Fafo, with three other actors, aims to develop statistical background material for the government's plan for recruitment, competence, and professional development in the healthcare sector for the period 2021–2025. We will also evaluate the use of resources to achieve the goals for K 2025.

    Living conditions among retirees and elderly

    Increased life expectancy and changes in the pension system entail a need for updated and more knowledge about the living conditions of the elderly and pensioners. The purpose of this project is twofold. On the one hand, we want to deliver updated, relevant and quality-assured statistics on the elderly's income, health and living conditions. On the other hand, we will provide detailed analyzes in which we try to uncover possible causes for any differences.

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    Completed projects

    Mid-term evaluation of Områdesatsingene in Oslo

    The mid-term evaluation will provide an assessment of results and effects so far and recommend what it takes to achieve the goals by 2027. The evaluation will include both the two tracks in the Områdesatsning; improvements in the physical and social services (area development) and improvements in the services aimed at the inhabitants of the area (service development)

    Workplace qualifications for older employees

    Although increased education proves to have a positive employment effect, we know that few older employees in Norway participate in further education. It is therefore important to gain more knowledge about what it takes for more adults to participate. The pilot project will map the possibilities for implementing a main project that looks at the competence provisions in the collective agreements and their significance for seniors' participation in lifelong learning.

    State of art - children in low income families

    In 2015, the Government presented a strategy for children living in poverty. A new strategy will be presented in 2020. Fafo has been commissioned to do a state of the art report for this strategy. In this report, we will summarize the current knowledge of Norwegian children living in low-income families, as well as what we know about measures that both alleviate the consequences of poverty during childhood and counteract long-term negative consequences for the individual and society. The report will describe the knowledge situation for children and adolescents in the age group 0-20 years.

    Evaluation of reinforced youth effort

    The project will evaluate new and reinforced youth effort, which was introduced in NAV in 2017.

    Services and ME

    About the meeting between ME-patients and their next of kin and the public services. Register data, qualitative interviews and a survey will be used to gather new information about this patient group.

    A study of employability and learning trajectories of Late Career Learners

    In this project, we intend to deepen our understanding of the relationships between lifelong learning and the employability of older adults.

    Part-time careers in Norway – the end of normalization? Women’s working time adaptation in a longitudinal perspective

    In this project, we explore the new realities and implications of part-time working. The spotlight focuses particularly on the relationship between ‘good and bad’ part-time working in a national and international perspective.

    Analysis of efforts to reduce absence

    Analysis of efforts to reduce absence due to illness and disability pensions.

    Striving for excellence, learning to cope?

    Employer strategies for managing sick leaves and employee health over the decades.

    Temporary employment

    The aim of this comparative project is to study how temporary employment influences people’s employment careers and their chances of achieving a permanent establishment in the labour market.

    Veier inn i, gjennom, og ut av arbeidsavklaringspenger

    he aim of this project is to analyse the effects of the implementation of work assessment allowance (AAP), three years into the existence of the benefit.