So far, only a few sectors are covered by generally binding collective agreements. Should all workers in Norway be ensured a minimum wage level - and if so how? This question has become increasingly relevant due to the substantial labour immigration. At this seminar held on 27 January we have invited the social partners to discuss challenges and possible solutions for the future.

Anne Inga Hilsen presented a new Fafo paper on absence due to illness in the governmental sector at a conference on labour market integration. Hilsen has written the paper together with Hanne Bogen and Lise Lien. Absence due to illness remains stable, even after many years with efforts to reduce it. Why is it so? And what can be done to reduce absenteeism? The paper points to possible answers and initiatives. * Download the paper (in Norwegian only)

At this seminar Fafo, NTNU and Safetec Nordic will present a new report on HSE for contract workers in shipbuilding and petroleum industries. The speakers are representatives from the industries, the social partners and The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The seminar takes place in Stavanger.

How does the municipal sector attract and recruit young people? This is the main question in a new project commisioned by KS. Leif Moland is project manager and he will carry out the project together with Vidar Bakkeli and Erika Braanen Sterri. The researchers will also try to find what characterizes the young labour force of today.

Faced with a rapidly aging labor force, increasing the labor supply of older workers has become an important goal for European countries. Offering additional leave to older workers with the option of withdrawing a contractual pension (contractual early retirement pension AFP) has become a widespread retention measure in Norwegian companies. The aim of this article by Fafo-researcher Åsmund Hermansen is to examine whether offering additional leave impacts the relative risk of withdrawal of a contractual pension. The article is published in Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies.

The main goal of this project is to generate beyond state of the art knowledge on one of the central dimensions of intensified mobility family language policy in multilingual transcultural families, with a focus on language practices and language ideologies. The project is a cooperation between among others Fafo research director Jon Rogstad and the University of  Oslo. * Read more about the project

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