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Joins ILO panel about transitions

14. June 2019

Digitization, demographic changes, climate change and globalization will affect many businesses and professional careers. How this offers both opportunities and challenges served as the starting point for a separate "thematic forum" during the current ILO Convention in Geneva. Fafos Kristin Alsos partaked in a discussion panel, along with the Labor Minister of Uruguay, leader of ETUC, an advisor to the largest employer association in Poland, a UN young leader and the leader of the Ibero American Conference.

On the path to a culture of full-time work

12. June 2019

Many municipalities do not reach the goals set by the Government, the social partners and themselves aimed at developing a culture of full-time work. Most of the effort to develop a culture of full-time work fails because the employer has underestimated the strength of part-time culture and do not invest the needed resources for such a demanding change. In two new reports Fafo describe the current part-time culture.

One report also describes a new methodology, which can provide a breakthrough in the development of a full-time culture on a large scale.

Fafo researchers behind Norway's ILO gift

11. June 2019

This week ILO, United Nations’ labor organization, celebrates reaching an age of 100 years. Since the organization itself is built on tripartism, Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg handed over a report on the parallel history of social dialogue and tripartism in Norway. How did this social dialogue form, what have been the effects, and how can it help us into the work life of the future?  The report is written by three Fafo researchers and funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and ILO.

Steps to include every child and youth

07. June 2019

ALLEMED is a dialog tool to help non-governmental organizations and municipalities to include all children and young people in recreational activities. This brief documents how local government tackle questions of child poverty and, and how they experience that the ALLEMED tool works. Results indicate that the tool can be useful, but it is yet not known whether it actually helps reduce the number of children and young people that are prevented from participating in recreational activities as a result of economic conditions.

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