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Tove Midtsundstad

Research professor


PhD sociology, UiO

Cand. polit., political science, UiO


Area of work

Pensions and social security, pension systems and retirement behaviour, including working life, age management and labour market  participation, employee retention, prevention and facilitation in the workplace, evaluation studies etc.

Current projects

Work and Health in Old Age

All over Europe, there is increased focus on longer working lives due to increased life expectancy and decreased birth rates, which put strains on welfare funding across nations. Although the overall population on average is healthier, better educated and has longer careers than before, there is limited knowledge on the health consequences of prolonged working careers.

Inequality and social sustainability of the Norwegian pension system after the reform

The proposed project will look at both the experiences made and trends that can be detected so far, with the pension reform.

Fafo publications

Articles and book chapters

Other publications

Completed projects

The use of internal age limits for employment protection in private sector
The main purpose of the assignment is to obtain updated, descriptive information about the use of internal age limits for employment protection in private after 2016.
Workplace qualifications for older employees

Although increased education proves to have a positive employment effect, we know that few older employees in Norway participate in further education. It is therefore important to gain more knowledge about what it takes for more adults to participate. The pilot project will map the possibilities for implementing a main project that looks at the competence provisions in the collective agreements and their significance for seniors' participation in lifelong learning.

Elderly's participation in work and working life

The Research Council of Norway participates together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Joint Program Initiatives (JPI) within the area "More Years, Better Lives".

Interactions between national and labour market based pensions in Norway: pension outcomes and policy processes

Interactions between public and labour market based pensions in Norway: pension outcomes and policy processes.

A study of employability and learning trajectories of Late Career Learners

In this project, we intend to deepen our understanding of the relationships between lifelong learning and the employability of older adults.

Challenges and possibilities for mobility for the 50+ population

The aim of the project is to explore existing mobility patterns (shift of jobs/careers) among older workers (50+) and analyse preconditions for successful transitions (mobility).

Senior Policy for Whom? The distributional consequences and effects of initiatives to promote active ageing

The main aim of the proposed project is to examine whether today's senior-policy initiatives reach the intended target groups and have the desired effect on retirement behaviour.

Analysis of efforts to reduce absence

Analysis of efforts to reduce absence due to illness and disability pensions.

Striving for excellence, learning to cope?

Employer strategies for managing sick leaves and employee health over the decades.