Integration and social mobility among children of immigrants
International conference Fafo's conference center, Borggata 2B, Oslo Monday 13 april kl. 09:30–16:00 mandag, 13 april 2015

The conferene was broadcasted live on Fafo-tv


All over Western Europe, new generations of youth with diverse ethnic backgrounds are coming of age in a time of economic crisis and increasing ethno-religious and political tension.

Will these young people be able to overcome the social, ethnic and class barriers that separate so many of their immigrant parents from the native majority populations?

Today, the answer to this question seems increasingly vital for the long term social cohesion and sustainability of western multicultural societies. However, patterns of integration among descendants of immigrants appear to vary considerably both within and between different countries and different immigrant groups.

The conference was funded by the Research Council of Norway.

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Alejandro Portes Frank Kalter Anthony Heath Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund Jon Horgen Friberg Jon Rogstad